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Kuchi Sabishii

from Carkey Malarkey (Digital Deluxe) by Cark



We were pretty deep into recording Carkey Malarkey by the time this song came along. I didn't even think we were still writing songs at that point.
But then I came across this Japanese word, "Kuchisabishii," in a random chat thread. It was defined as "when you eat, not because you're hungry, but because your mouth feels lonely."
I DM'd Dustin in Japan and asked if it was legit, or just an internet interpretation. He said it was real. This song was written within the hour, sent to him that evening, and on track to be part of the album within half a day. The internet is crazy.
There were several competing versions of the bridge, but I knew this was the one to go with when I played it for Aubz Hollingshead and she did a literal spit-take when I sang the line "spent too many nights without any baloney."
Originally, the fade-out and four-part harmony at the end went on for a crazy long time. It was some random number of repetitions that totally broke the listeners ability to track the pattern of expectated changes. Then, out of nowhere, super-jarring, the instruments came back in for the hits that close the song. I loved how tense it was. The waiting and expectation. No matter how many times I listened to it during mixing I still couldn't predict when it was going to happen.
This shorter version is way punchier. Breezes along nicely. But I do miss how that extra-long buildup made for such a great resolution.
Since I had animated the video for "Can We Rock?", and was kind of burnt out, Dustin made this video. We'd had two different concepts: all mouths, and stock footage of old people dancing. That one would have been cool, but it was too much to license all the footage we needed to make it happen, and this one is more topical anyhow.
Anyhooters...I hope ya'll do whatever the listening equivalent of Kuchisabishii is!


My teeth feel alone in the middle of a crowd
My tongue fills the space just by talking loud
My pallet ain’t cleft, just bereft
Shove some pie in my hole cause my mouth’s got no one left

My throat has a black hole inside
Neither of my cheeks can cross the divide
I just had lunch, and I ate a bunch
Still my mouth is lonely, give it Hawaiian Punch

Kuchi Sabishii
Feed me feed me feed me
Kuchi Sabishii
My mouth is lonely for some grub
So give it some love

My gums recede from a lack of love
My tonsils are waiting to be got rid of
My lips have each other, but they long for another
Won’t you give them some fresh new flavor to discover

My esophagus is headed down in the dumps
My tongue can’t feel nothing without some taste buds
My bridge lost its crown, now it’s always feeling down
Won’t you take it on a couples cruise to flavor town

Kuchi Sabishii
Feed me feed me feed me
Kuchi Sabishii
My mouth is lonely for some grub
So give it some love

I ain’t hungry but my mouth is lonely
Looking for a pie to be it’s one and only
Load up on my feelings at the buffet
I ain’t hungry but my mouth is lonely
Spent one too many nights without any baloney
And my mouth deserves better today

Kuchi Sabishii
Feed me feed me feed me
Kuchi Sabishii
My mouth is lonely for some grub
So give it some love


from Carkey Malarkey (Digital Deluxe), released January 21, 2022


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