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Cark split up when Dustin moved overseas for a job in 2007-ish. Around 2014, I started pushing him to do a new album recorded remotely. But trying to make it work as a drummer in a Tokyo apartment with kids wasn't to be.
But in 2019, he was coming to Oregon for some family stuff, and we decided to book a show while he was here. Somehow, I got it in my head that at this gig (which we weren't planning to practice for) we should only play entirely new songs we'd never played before. I started writing weird riffs and sending them to Dustin as voice memos.
This one, which I had down as "Evil Wipe-Out," fit well with Cark's established aesthetic of a driving riff and a simple nonsense vocal hook, then a deceptively complex instrumental breakdown.
We ended up only playing one of the new songs that night--not this one. But when we decided to work on the new album, it was one of the first I put forward to work on.
I played an early mix of it for my girlfriend and she said the bridge (where the breakdown riff ascends an entire octave by half-steps) made her really stressed out, which--since the point of it was to build suspense until it felt a little like you were losing your mind--to me, seemed like a compliment.
The other place where that madness really came out was in a pause near the end. It was originally just a four-count. But Dustin made it longer. Then longer. And longer. By the end we had digitally stretched the chord and vocal so long that they both just sound like screeching glitch noise, and it made a really wonderful tension waiting for the resolution, which made the climax hit that harder.
I'm really happy with the final product on this one, and I'd say that of all the songs on Carkey Malarkey, Tacotronic is probably the closest to the classic Cark tunes from Superhellamegaepic; weird loud nonsense that makes you want to go a bit nuts just to keep up.
Play this one loud, ya'll. A Techno-Mex classic.


I’m tacotronic baby
I’m tacotronic

Powered by tacos yes I am
Powered by tacos cause I’m a modern man
Powered by tacos look at me go



from Carkey Malarkey (Digital Deluxe), released January 21, 2022


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Originating in Southern Oregon (USA), as a chronicler of obscure and forgotten rock music of the late 1990s, the label and its members look to continue spreading the Tingle, by delivering sounds of fun and excitement to listeners in various places.
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