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Side Show Bob (Remastered)

by Side Show Bob

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Oh there's a wonderful place I can go Where the branch of a tree Holds a swing There I'll swing Oh oh oh Breeze, There's a wonderful breeze to my face As I fly through the air with some grace Oh oh oh When all my world, comes to despair Look and you might find me there When swing there's a song that comes To me here When I'm swinging I've nothing to fear Oh oh oh In the nights when I swing And I swing all alone I can feel I'm at home And it keeps me swinging on Oh oh oh When all my world, comes to despair Look and you might find me there Now I'm about to depart from this place And I'll leave you with some of my grace Oh oh oh
Nasty Rash 02:08
You were an angel when I saw you There I couldn't hide from your piercing Stare Your image drew me and made Me feel Like I was dreaming by god I know You're real... I was so happy when you shed your Dress My little angel I swear I've been Bless By your beauty and your body too How could anyone not fall in love With you... Call me madman or what you will My little angel I'm obsessed with You still And I'll see to it that everyone Fears As i drive you to hatred or Tears
Man on the Mountains With a pile of bones Oh would you dare to leave Him alone When he's so eager To do you harm Your circle of fire Crossed serpents charm Ha ha... Dancing naked with the bones You hold Moving wedder shins Oh priest be bold Waving your arms to a musical Score Returning where you where Before Ha ha ha... Demon or demons and my pile Of Bones Hurry up your trickery On those be known Here written on paper made Of trees Come sow your sorrows and Miseries ... Hee Hee Ha Hooo
Oil Slick 02:37
Rage 04:20
The raging force of like you'll find it there It's temper burns into your soul It's fire's hot, so hot, you can hardly fear You gotta try and take control, so let it go... Let it go... You'll find your madness it may spark some fear When you decided to let it show Don't worry where you are let it happen here You'll find it makes a frightful show, so let it go... Let it go...
Kiddie Song 03:15
We find our children wandering in the darkness lost and scared, lonely and abandoned... Then suddenly their eyes poised On a tall dark skinny figure Reaching out to them, beckoning Calling come to me little kiddies come to me... Yeah... Come on Kiddies come on in I've been waiting so how have you been In case you're wondering in case you cant tell You have entered through the gates of hell... Come kiddies there's a place for you Where there are others unfortunate too, Who have wondered on to demon land Come on kiddies now hold my hand.... Come kiddies step into the abyss To the music of the serpents hiss Kiddies now you'll understand The beauty invested unto Demon land
B.M.F 03:04
Tourtured 05:13
Oh love me now Shitful flies Rest upon my head Eat and shit Like drops of water And ancient Chinese torture Through my madness Kiss my lips cracked A razors edge sharp Oh beat me Kick and punch my groin Like some wanted forgotten Mongrel Then toss me Once again into the circle And let me fight among'st Myself I lay back Head against stone cold pillows And watch As flames of truth Lust and greed Hate Scorn Cocks Cunts Assess Breast And Chest Emerge and Devour me


Some bands transcend simply being noisemakers, and become shamanic figures, conducting the audience through a multi-song trance. Side Show Bob, was such a band. Despite hailing from a small, rural, Oregon town of Ashland, the band routinely drew audiences in the thousands to see its shows; mesmerizing combinations of doom, hardcore, and stage theatrics. The songs swung back and forth from nightmarish and hypnotic drum and bass grooves to frenzied walls of distorted guitar riffs, as the band blew fire, re-enacted the prom scene from Carrie, and doused its audiences in sweat and fake blood. Side Show Bob’s elevation of what independent music could look and sound like inspired the launch of countless Southern Oregon bands, many of whom learned to play from the iconic riffs on their one and only album. It represents a time and a sound that has been oft-imitated, but was too singular to last or to ever be truly replicated. Originally released in 1995, before the advent of streaming, Tingle Finger is happy to re-release this self-titled musical relic for the first time being available online and to continue the legacy that was, Side Show Bob.


released October 31, 1995


Guest Vocals on "Oil Slick"
by Elijah and Dan

All music written by Side Show Bob ©1995

All lyrics written by Steve Fuller except "Tortured" written by Gilles

Recorded and mixed at Sullivan Recording

Mixed and engineered by Jason Depew and Frank Sullivan

Artwork by Steve Fuller
Graphics by Shawn Shaffer

Thanks to: Dan Bajraszewski, Elijah Apilado & Martyr, Scott Kelly & Neurosis, John Dickerson (The best base player in town), Frank & Mark at Sullivan Recordings, Gilles, Eugene & Shannon Papineau, The Bucky Squad, Drew, Chris, Dirk, Tyler, Gage Bach, Paul at Beach Records, Daddy O's, Warpigs, Matt Brophy, "Gangsta Jerry D.", Tara & Clea Arthur, Sebastian Huff, Aural Tech, Jaycin Dean, Billy D., All those giving financial assistance, All our friends in Ashland and all the people who let us trash their homes.

Hook Us Up Records 1995

Remastered by Tingle Finger Recordings 2023


all rights reserved



Tingle Finger Recordings 東京都, Japan

Tingle Finger Recordings is an independent online record label founded by an unknown interstellar rock frontiersman.

Originating in Southern Oregon (USA), as a chronicler of obscure and forgotten rock music of the late 1990s, the label and its members look to continue spreading the Tingle, by delivering sounds of fun and excitement to listeners in various places.
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