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What People Say

from Carkey Malarkey (Digital Deluxe) by Cark



This song was originally written by screaming at the ocean with a ukulele while I was on tour with Steven Palin and Keesha Rae. A lady I'd been seeing back in Boise had ghosted me after her friends discovered we were hanging out, and I needed to purge the frustration. After about an hour, the riff and general critiques of the situation settled into this song.
Then it just kicked around my head, and my ukulele set for years, waiting for a chance to shine.
Like an earlier song on the record, "Needcholuv," "What People Say" was originally recorded for "We Are the Internet, Motherfucker!," but since Dustin wasn't able to add his own drums, it was removed from that EP. And I'm glad. Cause this version is my favorite song on the record—and one of my favorites that Cark has ever done.
The way it flows out of the soundcheck song. The head-bobbing bass-riff. The vocal harmonies. And then that eerie synth at the end (some sort of Mellotron if I remember right). And then, at the end, is an Easter egg: the return of German Cark, and their sampled "ois." Samples that line up perfectly with the sampled ois that begin the record, so that if it's played on repeat, it seamlessly begins again as a recursive. I don't know that anyone will ever listen to it in that format. But it tickles me pink to know that we did it.
Anyhow, that's the whole record, and the conclusion of Thirteen Days of Cark. I'll probably post some final thoughts on it tomorrow to close things out. I hope you have enjoyed it. But I'm not concerned if you haven't. Cark isn't for everyone. But I hope it spoke to you even if just in some small way.


I don’t know what you’ve been told
I stopped listening oh so long ago
Those stories, they’re always bold
Like balls of snow watch them roll, and see them grow

I don’t know what’s been said
Listening only makes me see red
Those rumors thought long dead
They rattle round inside your head, inside your head

All I know is that you see me differently
Than you did yesterday
I can assure you I’m the same person
No matter what people say


from Carkey Malarkey (Digital Deluxe), released January 21, 2022


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Originating in Southern Oregon (USA), as a chronicler of obscure and forgotten rock music of the late 1990s, the label and its members look to continue spreading the Tingle, by delivering sounds of fun and excitement to listeners in various places.
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